Welcome to Biggs Mansion

Opulent Interiors

Biggs Mansion was completely restored without compromises to its original beginnings

Biggs Cigar Emporium

Large selection of cigars and cigar accessories

Biggs Mansion Outdoors

Enjoy a cigar outside, right in the heart of downtown

A haven where personal liberty is neither taken for granted or compromised. Housed in the historical Biggs Mansion of enduring elegance, a testament to permanence and tradition.

Biggs Cigar Mansion

Chicago’s Finest Cigar Shop, Cigar Lounge and Outdoor Patio

Rhoda introduces Biggs Cigar Emporium

Jerry Seinfel with Steve Harvey at Biggs in Comedicans in cars getting coffee

World Championship competition at Biggs 2016

This is the greatest spot in Chicago

Steve Harvey